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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new and improved version of Tanora Weyr, a alt. (AIVAS-free) ninth pass play-by-e-mail weyr situated in the southern continent, near the mouth of the Rubicon River.

Tanora Weyr is based off of the world of Pern, a set of novels done by the talented Anne McCaffrey - we strongly suggest these books to anyone with a taste for fantasy.  This role-play is done through a Yahoo! group - you will be added to the group when if/you join. 


Okay, the flight is just finishing up. That means there'll be eggs on the sands soon. So get your candidates in NOW. I need to know how many eggs she'll need to clutch. Also, just to let everyone know, Julie's Demeseth is now a BRONZE. We did this so there is no controversy over a *brown* being the Weyrleader's dragon. Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day.

::Upcoming Plots::

Hey, everyone. I hope all of the site is good. Madeleine worked really hard to get this up and running for me. She's been great, and I truly appreciate her help. Thanks lots!!! Anyway, here's the deal. With Ateacina and Luna 'away', that means Shalyth's flight is approaching. Which also means that a clutch is coming. Get your candidates in! Remember, the better you play your character, the more likely it is that they'll Impress.

::Complete Webpage::

Everything -- I repeat, everything -- relevant from the old server is now on this server. All links should be working, except for some of the persona sheets that I left in place. I do not have the sheets, but I believe Becky does somewhere. Email Becky or me with any changes you feel need to be implemented.

Check out the new, improved persona sheet! Woooo!

::New Server::

Well -- if any of you see this, then it's working. Most of the pages aren't up yet. The 'join' page, persona listing and assorted persona sheets are about it, and some of those aren't done yet. Oh, if you want, you can help me out by correcting anything done wrong there, or sending me sheets to personas that aren't linked currently. This isn't Becky, but a friend of hers that's doing the site because Becky doesn't know html. :-P After the major overhaul is done, this will pass completely into her control and I will step away from the webpage.

Feedback on the new background/text for the individual people sheets is muchos appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Please join today!

Disclaimer of Doom:
The original creator and owner of all the initial ideas behind Tanora weyr is Bree, who served as an excellent weyrwoman for the first period of its existence.
Thanks for everything, Bree!

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright (c) Anne McCaffrey 1967,2000,
all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.  Please check the rules section for
McCaffrey's set of unbreakable rules universal for all online weyrs.

The Dragonriders of Pern(r) is registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, by Anne McCaffrey, used here with permission.
Use or reproduction without a license is strictly prohibited.
Pern and its Dragonriders are copyrighted to Anne McCaffrey. This site has no connection with Grolier Interactive
or the author but is simply an offline RPG for fans, made by fans.

All images and the layout of this site belong to Becky, Tomo and Maya.  They drew them.  They formatted them.  They are protective. We have just expounded on their genius.